About Me  

I'm a native Chicagoan, one-time New Yorker, and lifelong storyteller. 

I've built websites, developed brands, created content, and honed communication strategies for small businesses, distinguished theaters, and respected non-profits.

My work has taken me to a range of markets. I've worked with clients in healthcare, politics, education, publishing, government regulations, hospitality, construction, real estate, publishing, health/wellness, legal advocacy, cancer research, and the arts.

I've also tended bar in Brooklyn, campaigned for presidential candidates in Ohio, and organized charity events in Chicago. I've appeared on-stage in six states, and I can tell you tales about acting in productions off-Broadway, and about staging "productions" in the backrooms of some truly bleak bars.

I'm committed to The Audience, and ambivalent about Oxford commas.

I was once roommates with Nirvana's original second guitarist (seriously),

but I didn't know it at the time.

I've got stories to tell.


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