Hi, I'm Jacob.  I'm a freelance writer, web designer, and content strategist. I help businesses and nonprofits find their voices, and develop authentic connections with their audiences. 






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Website Design

Your website should be your best foot forward: a gleaming, one-stop-shop for all things you. So that's exactly what it'll be.


I'll build you a digital HQ that perfectly frames your message, and offers your market easy access to information, resources, and opportunities to get engaged with you and your work. 


All great stories have one thing in common: great writing.


Writing for the web has its quirks, but don't fret: that's what I'm here for. Working together, we'll find the style that best suits your voice, and I'll craft unique, snappy copy that resonates with your audience, and inspires them to take action.

Brand Development

What makes you, you? That's the question we'll ask as we collaborate to hone your brand identity


We'll dig deep into your story, construct a detailed positioning strategy, and distill your singular vision into a representation of your work that is every bit as authentic, memorable, and compelling as you are.

Creative Content

The conversation with your audience can take many shapes, and cross any number of channels.


Whether you want to create a video, a blog, a brochure, or print assets, I can produce attention-grabbing media in a variety of mediums, and help you share your story in most any format. 

Digital Strategy

Getting your story straight is just one piece of the puzzle. If you don't draw a solid roadmap, your message might not find its way to your audience.


Developing thoughtful communication plans is a key part of my process. With your goals in mind, I'll plot a course that will allow you to connect with your users through numerous platforms.

Audience Engagement

Maintaining an active dialogue with your audience is just as important as making a strong first impression. 


I'll mine your user data to construct an informed engagement strategy that keeps you connected with your users, encourages active interaction, and leaves you well positioned for the long-term.

I also offer services in arts and entertainment.

I won a creative writing contest in fourth grade.

Just saying.


I have a way with words . . .

And I'll use it, along with a gift for gab and a love of language to help you tell your story.


Whether you want clear and expressive copy, thoughtful and evocative editorials, or some eye-catching slogans, I'll bring your brand to life, and make your audience sit up and take notice.  


Let's give them something to talk about.

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Let's create together.  

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